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Maple is an interactive education platform that enhances core skills in 7 – 11 year olds.

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Why Maple?

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We believe that learning can be inspiring and meaningful, no matter where it’s taking place. Our online lesson modules help your child to develop key skills before secondary school.

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Start exploring our video lessons, activities and games! Our core online programme builds academic confidence.

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All our recorded module lessons have homework to download to reinforce what has been taught in each topic. 

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Online Learning Curriculum

Year 3

Our year 3 programme helps students gain a solid foundation into maths, English & general knowledge.

Year 4

From adjectives to adverbs, polygons and pronouns, we’ve got you covered so your child can excel in school.

Year 5

Maple Online helps students boost confidence before secondary school and prepare for exams like the 11+.

Our Subjects

Learn English Online


Our online English lessons are 100% curriculum aligned. Students can work independently to improve vocabulary, comprehension and grammar.

Learn Maths Online


Curriculum aligned maths topics including number skills, fractions, algebra, rounding & decimals.

General Knowledge

General Knowledge

We are passionate about developing children’s knowledge about the world. From the solar system to dinosaurs, your child will be a walking encyclopaedia!

Teacher Spotlight

I founded Maple Online to help students catch up and flourish academically. Maple is all about a wider, thematic approach to learning for Year 3, Year 4, & Year 5.  My aim is to foster a love of learning and support students during the pandemic in the core subjects at KS2.

Miss Garnett

Tutor & Founder