Improve your child's vocabulary

Miss Garnett - Learning Platform

Miss Garnett is the founder of Maple Online and principal tutor. In her spare time, she loves baking, drawing and thinking of new, exciting lesson themes for her students.


Top Tips

Vocabulary is essential for your child’s development. Watch the video for quick and easy ways to improve these skills at home:

1. Repeat the words

Education experts recommend the learning of vocabulary through 17 repetitions to a word over timed intervals.

2. Use visuals

Get your child to find a picture online or draw the word and stick it into their book. They are much more likely to remember the meaning this way.

You can make it fun by creating a PowerPoint on the computer.

3. Put the words on the fridge

Make the new words to learn visible in the house and easy to access. You can buy magnetic letters for the fridge and have fun with it. These helped me in my childhood by coming up with new words and I loved it.

4. Adult speech

Remember, your child picks up vocabulary from books and the people they interact with. Use great vocabulary in your everyday speech and hey presto – your child will too.

5. Targets & Rewards

Everyone loves a challenge. You can turn vocabulary work from a chore to joy by adding targets to the tasks.

About Maple

Maple is all about a wider, thematic approach to learning for Year 3, Year 4, & Year 5. We supplement and enhance knowledge gained at school with educational videos, interactive exercises, and downloadable homework.