Year 3

Online Modules for year 3 students

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed with a specialist approach in Year 3 with an emphasis on the core topics of spelling, arithmetic, reading and writing.  

Developing Independence

As professional tutors and lesson designers, we have high expectations as well as  confidence in all children at every level. We believe in delivering challenging material that supports every child through a step-by-step approach. All lessons are supported with homework that can be downloaded. Children are able to re-watch tutorial videos as many times as needed to understand the lesson of the day. 


Maths & English

Using visuals and traditional teaching methods, ensures every child learns at a comfortable and consistent pace. In addition our excellent thematic lessons cover science, geography and history. 

A Bank of Learning Modules

The great thing about our platform is that your child can revisit lessons and revise and practice anywhere, anytime.

Interactive video lessons with explanations.

Weekly PDF Homework that can be printed

Weekly modules on 11+ topics that are in digestible chunks.

Hundreds of extra modules to help grow your child's brain.