Get your child to read more

As a busy parent, it’s really challenging to find good books that “hook” kids for a decent amount of time (45 mins).


The "Good Book"

But what is the definition of a “good book” anyway?  Well, it’s one that imparts knowledge in an easy-to-understand manner; it’s one that tells a story in a gripping way and it’s one that utterly captures the heart, mind, and soul. ALL children love reading good books

When the magic is perfect you get un-put-downable volumes like Harry Potter or Horrible Histories.  Throughout the world, such books were gladly employed as the best babysitters and the most wonderful avenues to build an extensive, permanent vocabulary.

At Maple, we have successfully encouraged hundreds of children to read…. Yes, even those who professed an allergy to books and those who claimed to fall ill after reading a single sentence. 

What worked:

What happened:

These simple steps turned hardcore anti-readers into members of local libraries.

But most importantly, all our readers developed greater confidence in themselves and wanted to read even more!

To help you trial our proven methods, here’s a link to a free trial to our fabulous e-learning school where you will find a selection of audiobooks guaranteed to interest your child. Oh… and early strawberries are now at Waitrose so go for it!  

Why reading matters:

There are countless statistics and research projects proving that the children who read the most, have better communication skills and job opportunities in life. Take a look at this infographic.

About Maple

Maple is all about a wider, thematic approach to learning for Year 3, Year 4, & Year 5. We supplement and enhance knowledge gained at school with educational videos, interactive exercises, and downloadable homework.