Online 11+ Exams

Monthly online 11+ mock exams for year 5 students

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Our 11+ tests can be followed with a step by step guide and video introduction to help your child get prepared for examinations.

Online Test

The mock test includes Paper A (Verbal reasoning and technical English) and Paper B which measures maths and spatial reasoning skills. 


Results and feedback are sent 8 days after the test and include example questions. We also provide advice and extra resources.

What do the tests include?

All of our 11+ exam papers are based on the Buckinghamshire and Kent Transfer test. In the real test, the qualifying score (STTS) of 121 or above. The STTS is calculated by age-standardising the three section scores and then adding them using the following weightings:  verbal – 50%; mathematical – 25%; non-verbal – 25%.  

GL Assessment tests candidates using a variety of different question types – the majority of which are not covered in local state schools.Free familiarisation materials are available on their website.

Records show that children who attend two or more full mock exams approach the real test with minimum nerves and a clear understanding of how to deal with questions and timing. For more information and timelines go to the Bucks County council website

*Please note, transcripts of the papers cannot be taken home as they are our intellectual property.

I found the real test not that bad and think I did well because I had done so many mocks with Miss Garnett.
Jess Sendler
Year 5
Dear Maple,
I scored 143 on my 11+ exam! Thank you so much for all your help during lockdown. The practice tests helped a lot.
Ben Hamble
Year 5
The maths was really easy and luckily Maple had taught me how to focus on comprehensions.
Samantha Doncan
Year 5


Each child will have a question booklet and a separate answer sheet for each test paper which is something many children may not be familiar with. The question booklet will contain all the necessary instructions about taking the test and all the test questions.

Honestly… yes. But with a solid exposure of 11+ question types, your child will be better prepared. Working with your son and daughter at home is a good place to start. Reading books at bedtime and involving them with everyday activities goes a long way.

We believe in teaching concepts that are engaging in a thematic way. We teach in bitesize chunks and repeat key topics so your child can feel happy and confident.

Paper A will include verbal reasoning and technical English and has a weighting of 50%. Paper B includes mathematical problems and non-verbal. These both have a weighting of 25%.